SPD Flash Tool download - spreadtrum upgrade tool

SPD Flash Tool download [spreadtrum upgrade tool]

Advancement in the technology landscape can be easily detected with the advancement of smartphones. As a member middle in Millenials and GenZ, we have personally experienced this evolution. However, the smartphone has become an essential handset than a luxury now. The Chinese brands that based on Spreadtrum/Unisoc chipset should get the credit for that. Because they introduced many affordable handsets for the Android community. But when it comes to firmware repair, it can be challenging. But not anymore. Because SPD flash tool aka spd upgrade tool here for help you. So, find below the spd flash tool latest version 2021.

What is the SPD flash tool?

If a mobile device runs with Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Exynos, they are considered as the high-standard devices with higher performance. Because these are the top 3 chipsets in the mobile industry.

But there is a small and specific range of mobile phones that run a chipset calls Spreadtrum/Unisoc chipset. It is mostly the lower range of Chinese mobile devices. However, users find it difficult to find firmware and a flash tool for the flashing for these devices.

Spd flash tool’s latest version 2021 is the solution. It is the third-party tool that supports users for any firmware-related issue that occurs in Spreadtrum or Unisoc chipset mobile phones.

What is a Spreadtrum phone?

Chinese mobile devices such as Micromax, Lenovo, Lava. Karbon, Motorola, Wiko, Alcatel, Gionee, Ulefone, Archos are some examples of Spreadtrum phones.

Their manufacturers tried to lower the cost of devices while keep the high specs by using Spreadtrum/ Unisoc chipset. Its supports LTE too. Not only UNISOC happens to be the most affordable SoCs, But also It offers AI capabilities for the smartphone. If you are going for flashing firmware it’s better to check the chipset to confirm the compatibility or else the error ‘spd flash tool not detecting phone’ will pop up.

Features of the spd upgrade tool

Simple to understand and easy to use

‘Spd flash tool all in one’ is contains all in one as the name suggests. Some people even think it might be complicated because of other flashing tools. But not the spd upgrade tool. If you have experience with third-party tools like Odin you may find this is the simplest to understand.

The interface is designed in a user-friendly manner so even if you are a noob, you can do it. The flashing process is so easy with spd upgrade tool r19. Not to mention the multi-language support they provide. See, Convenient.


You can use the pac file flash tool to directly upgrade or downgrade the system. And it’s easy to use flash the .pac and PC5 stock firmware. Also, it helps to Streamlined the flashing ROM process and configures the LCD settings. A simple reset process for the mobile phone or tablet can be performed directly through the software. Just in one click.

Spreadtrum chipset support

People use to throw away Chinese models of smartphones or tablets. Because they can not fix the firmware-related issues. It’s hard to find the firmware and it’s even harder to find a compatible tool that supports flash. Or any related firmware issue. But with all spd flash tools, it’s not impossible anymore.


You don’t have to spend a pile of data for hours to spd upgrade tool download. It’s lightweight and easy to install. The setup process is simple and you don’t have to go through the long process. just click the .exe file and simply run it. Because you don’t need to install it to perform the flashing.

How do I download SPD flash tool?

Below you will find the download link of the compressed tool. Furthermore, spd flash tool download is completely free. SDP factory tools are created and freely distributed by their official manufacturers Unisoc communication INC. We get the tool directly from them. So credits should belong to them.

however, You have to download it to a Windows PC. Because it’s the only platform that compatible with the tool. It can be any version from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10. All you have to do is click the corresponding link and the spd flash tool without box can be run on your PC at the next moment.

Toool NameSPD Upgrade Tool
Support DeviceSpreadtrum/Unisoc Chipset based devices
Compatible OSWindows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 /XP (32bit, 64bit)
DeveloperUnisoc Technologies Co. Ltd
Application TypePortable
PurposeInstall or flash the Stock Firmware
Download file type Compressed (Zip)
⭐4.92/5 (135192)

SPD Flash Tool Download List

Version: R25.20.3901
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R25.20.3901.zip
File Size: 9.41 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R24.0.0003
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R24.0.0003.zip
File Size: 5.72 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R23.19.4001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R23.19.4001.zip
File Size: 2.42 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R23.0.0001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R23.0.0001.zip
File Size: 2.42 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R22.0.0001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R22.0.0001.zip
File Size: 3 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R21.0.0001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R21.0.0001.zip
File Size: 3 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R20.0.0001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R20.0.0001.zip
File Size: 2.99 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R19.18.1001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R19.18.1001.zip
File Size: 2.99 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R19.0.0001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R19.0.0001.zip
File Size: 2.22 MB
Unisoc/SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R17.17.1202
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R17.17.1202.zip
File Size: 2.97 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R17.0.0001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R17.0.0001.zip
File Size: 2.86 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R4.0.0001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R4.0.0001.zip
File Size: 2.85 MB
Unisoc upgrade tool: Download page here

Version: R3.15.4901
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R3.15.4901.zip
File Size: 1.9 MB
SPD flash tool: Download page here

Version: R3.0.0001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R3.0.0001.zip
File Size: 1.13 MB
Spreadtrum upgrade tool: Download page here

Version: R2.10.1003
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R2.10.1003.zip
File Size: 1.89 MB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.9015
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R2.9.9015.zip
File Size: 1.07 MB
Spreadtrum upgrade tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.9009
File Name: SPDUpgrade-Tool-R2.9.9009.zip
File Size: 1.71 MB
unisoc tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.9008
File Name: SPD-Upgrade_Tool-R2.9.9008.zip
File Size: 881 KB
SPD tool: Download page here

Bin Packet Error fix version

Version: R2.9.9005
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R2.9.9005-for-Bin-Packet-Error.zip
File Size: 1.65 MB
SPD flash tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.9001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R2.9.9001.zip
File Size: 871 KB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.7008
File Name: SPD-Upgrade_Tool-R2.9.7008.zip
File Size: 865 KB
Spreadtrum upgrade tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.7007
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R2.9.7007.zip
File Size: 862 KB
unisoc tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.7006
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R2.9.7006.zip
File Size: 1.19 MB
Spreadtrum upgrade tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.7003
File Name: SPDUpgrade-Tool-R2.9.7003.zip
File Size: 854 KB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.7002
File Name: SPD-UpgradeTool-R2.9.7002.zip
Spreadtrum upgrade tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.7001
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R2.9.7001.zip
File Size: 841 KB
Unisoc tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.6004
File Name: SPD-Upgrade-Tool-R2.9.6004.zip
File Size: 882 KB
SPD tool: Download page here

Version: R2.9.5005
File Name: SPD_Upgrade-Tool-R2.9.5005.zip
Spreadtrum upgrade tool: Download page here

How do you flash a Spreadtrum on a phone by spd Spreadtrum upgrade tool?


  • First, download the drivers to your PC and install them. It should be your device-specific USB drivers. And you can find them on their official website
  • Then download the latest version of the Spreadtrum flash tool from the links provided.
  • Next, if you are going to flash the stock ROM of your smartphone or the tablet, you have to download the .pac or the PC5 stock firmware for the device you owned.
  • Then make sure to charge the device you’re going to flash at least up to 50% percent.
  • Finally for much safe, make sure to back up the device memory.

How to use the SPD flash tool?

Time needed: 20 minutes

Now that the preparation is over, let’s do the flashing.

  1. First, connect your android device with the Windows PC using a USB cable.

  2. Next extract the spd flash tool free downloaded by you in a new folder.

    Make sure to use an external application like WinRAR or WinZIP

  3. Now from the extracted content find the UpgradeDownload EXE file

  4. Then Just double-click the file you found. It will run immediately. No need to install it because it’s portable.

  5. Now the process begins officially. Click the “Load Packet”. It’s the first button in the top left.

  6. Next, go to the .pac or the PC5 firmware and open it. The package will be loaded into the tool.

  7. Then click the ‘start download’ button. It’s the middle button of the set.

  8. With that, the flashing process will be started. You can check up on it from the progress section

    So, you can wait few seconds.

  9. When this blue bar filled complete, it indicates that the flashing process is complete.

    Furthermore, you will see the “Passed” Message. At this time you should stop the process by clicking the stop button. And then Remove the device from the PC.

  10. That’s it. The flashing is complete.

Wrapping Up

SPD flash tool is a third-party tool that can be used to flash .pac or the PC5 firmware into smartphones and tablets. By performing this you can fix any kind of firmware-related issue that occurs in Spreadtrum/ Unisoc chip-based devices. If you like try it with a different tool download the SPD factory download tool or SPD research tool. Those are the best alternative you can find for this case as the SPD flash tool all in one. If you couldn’t find the device-based USB drivers, visit the SDP Drivers page.

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