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  1. Nafiuumark says:

    I have a huawei g630-u00 i dont know the reason the did not allow me to operate it just show me unfurturnately system ui has stop in the screen. what is my solution

    • firmware-update says:

      You Can Try In “Memory” section perform clearing all data and cache.

      1)Navigate your device “Settings”
      2) Select “Applications”, tap on “Menu”
      3) Select “Show system application” in the pull-down menu
      4) Then find “System Interface” among all applications. In “Memory” section perform clearing all data and cache.

  2. James says:

    Have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016), SM-T580, I can start-up, but remains in “Android is starting…” position and won’t load past that screen, and yes, the white loading bar is moving constantly, never stops. Another thing pops up on the swipe screen before that won’t clear: File system limit, too many files have been created on your phone. Apps may stop working correctly, listed under Android system…..nothing will load. Still shows correct wifi, but no access to do anything. Do I need firmware update or something else. Took it to a place recommended by Best Buy and they could do nothing with it. Please advise what I can do. Thanks for your quick response. I can connect tablet to WIN 10 computer, so it there is a way to get back files that are missing, would be willing to try anything.

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